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How to make Fruit Custard

Try Sparsh Masala for Fruit Custard 

How to make Fruit Custard Recipe

  • Pour 2 1/2 cups of heavy milk into a pan. Add 4 tbsp of sugar and begin to heat on a medium flame.
  • Stir and dissolve the sugar
  • Meanwhile, add 3 tbsp of Sparsh Custard Powder to a small mixing bowl. Pour 1/4th cup of warm milk and mix well. The mixture has to be smooth without lumps
  • When the milk in the pan turns hot, regulate to low flame and the custard milk in batches and mix well without lumps.
  • You may taste and add more sugar
  • Regulate the flame to medium and stir well while it boils. When the mixture turns thick turn off the stove.
  • Cover immediately and refrigerate it.
  • Rinse seasonal fruits and chop them into bite-sized pieces. Add them to a serving bowl.
  • Whisk the chilled custard until smooth and pour over the fruits
  • Garnish fruit custard with pomegranate seeds and serve chilled.

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