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Chicken Masala


Sparsh Chicken Masala is made with the best ingredients which gives you a delicious dish and can be made easily at home as it requires less time.

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Enjoy All types of Non-veg recipes with Sparsh Non-veg masala(Chicken Masala), Non-adulterated & ready to use without doubt. It’s healthy, spicy & vulnerable in terms of its tastes and your personal flavor choice. To the consummate meat lover who cannot do without seafood, chicken, or fish, Sparsh Meat Masalas, Chicken Masala, and meat dishes go hand in hand. Though purely vegetarian by content and ingredients, these masalas have been created by culinary experts, to uplift testosterone cypionate cycle for beginners meat-eating to a whole new experience. Sparsh Non-Veg masalas are available in sealed packs that retain their desired freshness, taste and aroma.


Box, Pouch


100gm, 500gm