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Active Dry Yeast

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Dry Yeast from SPARSH is used as a leavening agent for baking bread and other related bakery products. It plays an essential role as a catalyst in the fermentation process. It works even if added with flour before adding water and other ingredients. This yeast works perfectly for home baking. No complication of following precise RH value, temperature etc. Simply add directly to dough and prepare soft, fluffy and tasty bread.

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Calling all bakers! Sparsh Masala brings to you Active Dry Yeast. This instant Yeast can be used to make delicious baked goodness that you and your taste buds will love. Used for low-sugar desserts to highly sweetened bread, it acts as an instant rising agent and it’s a must-have. This Dry yeast is one of the fastest fermenting agents and is best suitable for your everyday cooking needs. Whip up a fantastic dessert with premium baking ingredients.


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