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Spice Up Your Health: Discover the Amazing Benefits of Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is a magical herb that carries ample health benefits and an exquisite flavour punch. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this wonder herb is indispensable to Asian food in general and Indian food in particular. Coupons, Codes, Promos, & Discounts | buy anadrol Dumbbell Bench Press | Exercise Videos & Guides |
From delectable gravies to crunchy fried delicacies, kitchens always have what can be called the dhaniya dhamaka! On that note, let’s delve into the world of coriander and learn more about the special spice! From leaves to seeds, and freshly ground coriander powder, the benefits of dhaniya (coriander) goes beyond just a lip-smacking meal. The fragrant herb, with a pungent flavour is antioxidant-rich and works wonders in reducing flatulence and improving digestion.
coriander powder

Of leaves, seeds and powder Coriander – The Healthy Herb
Not just that, coriander powder may aid in optimal functioning of kidneys, lowering cholesterol and helps the GI tract chill! Finding its oldest mention in an Egyptian text dated around 1500 BC, the herb is known to have medicinal value as suggested by Hippocrates, Discorides and other stalwarts in the field of medicine.

A powerhouse herb that is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin E, the presence of dietary fibres elevate its medicinal and nutritional value, and make it a must-have ingredient in
your kitchen, your diet and your health-quotient!

The story of Coriander’s name to fame! How the herb gets its name
While we are aware of the uses and benefits of coriander powder, coriander seeds and the leaves, let us have a sneak-peek into the naming ceremonies of the flavour-bomb herb. Also popularly known as cilantro, which is the herb’s Spanish name, coriander derives from the Greek word koriannon, Latin word, coriandron, and the French word coriandre.

All this goes back to the earliest attestation of the Mycenaean Greek word, korijadana. The history of the herb is definitely equal to the depth of flavours and the expanse of benefits, or vice versa but it works! While it is an essential ingredient in Asia, the use is mostly in the form of a seasoning or a dip and condiment in Europe and the rest of the West where it is used.

Skipping back to the numerous health benefits coriander powder has to offer, it may prove to be highly effective in boosting the mainstay of human health – Immunity. Thanks to antioxidant compounds such as terpinene and tocopherols, the much-loved herb may play a part in fighting and mitigating cancer.

While we come to the end of this coriander short story, let us remember how traditional cooking methods have helped sustain and nourish good health among people of all ages.
From dhaniya to turmeric and healthy vegetables and fruits, each ingredient holds an encyclopaedia of science, health and more importantly oodles of flavour, taste and delight.

You know what to do now. Get that Sparsh Coriander Powder and cook your friends’ and families’ favourite delicacy and experience food happiness, the healthy way!

Watch this space for more, a Turmeric Story is on the way!

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